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About the Paintings of James Naughton
James has been a professional Artist since 1998. Producing oil paintings from Bolton studio(UK) he has created a unique vision of Landscape painting. He has established his reputation through a consistent determination to make art. Trusting instincts which result in emotive experiences for him and the viewer.
His work emerges from three preoccupations, light, landscape and the nature of paint, these combine to result in paintings that link tradition and a modern visual experience. James values direct observation, as a traditional way to record the Landscape but is also drawn to communicating the interplay between what we see and our imagination, forging bonds between experience and mythology. His process does not normally involve preparation, sketching or photography, he finds that inviting the natural movement of oil paint to suggest the direction of a work, in an intuitive way, provides the most exciting challenge.
James has exhibited widely in the UK and at numerous acclaimed international Art Fairs. Recently his personal interest in the art of Thomas Moran led to an ambitious Arts Council funded project and included a two week road trip in Yellowstone, National Park, The Teton Range and Green River(Wyoming USA) . The project culminated in an extensive exhibition in the public art gallery of his home town Bolton. This year James’ passion for the American Landscape will develop further as he has been awarded a four week residency at Teton Art lab in Wyoming USA.
Such recognition across the commercial and public spheres is very rare and testament to the the quality of James’ painting.

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Galleries representing James

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beckstones icon

Beckstones Art Gallery, based in the Lake District, have been representing James since 2005. Together they have nurtured a passionate audience for his mountainous paintings.

helmsley galleries

Helmsley Galleries are a recent addition to James’ representation, displaying work in two exclusive hotels in Helmsley, The Feversham and The Black Swan Hotel.


The Oriel Plas Glyn-y-Weddw is a beautiful gallery in a beautiful setting, the grade II listed dower house built in 1856/57, looks out over the cove at LLanbedrog on the Llynn peninsula in North Wales.

eton contemporary

In the last few years Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Eton has developed a strong following for James’ paintings. The gallery sits within the sight of the famous Eton college opposite Windsor Castle.


John Noot Gallery, based in the beautiful Cotswolds village of Broadway. James is delighted to be represented by a gallery, with 40 years experience, dealing in an area which so readily evokes the recurrent themes in his Landscape paintings.


James has recently established a link with Panter and Hall to exhibit his paintings on the theme of caves. The gallery started in 2000 and is based on Pall Mall, with the addition of a new space in Cecil Court in 2016.

“Without atmosphere a painting is nothing.” Rembrandt

"Painting completed my life" Frida Kahlo

“The painting has a life of its own” Jackson Pollock

“A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, and some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people” Edgar Degas

“look at the painting and listen to the wind” Haruki Murakami

 Contact email – info@jamesnaughton.com