Map One

This the first attempt to try and give an overview of where the key areas of the project will take place. I’ll be using the symbols as reference as we move around over the trip and hopefully will be able to give much more detail when we’re on the... read more

Introduction Part Three

Viewfinders A young photographer named William Henry Jackson was also asked to join the Hayden survey. In the determined hands of Jackson, this unpredictable and fledgling technology didn’t just take its first steps; it climbed mountains! He Who Shares Wins... read more

Introduction Part Two

A New World After leaving the train in Green River Thomas Moran would go on to join the Hayden Geological Survey of Yellowstone 1871, the expedition would present a moment of destiny, both for the artist and for the United States. Maps and Visions In the wake of a... read more

Introduction Part One

What’s the Big Idea? In 1871 a young artist named Thomas Moran stepped off a train in the small town of Green River in Southern Wyoming(USA). I can only imagine what he must have felt as he first gazed on the cliffs featured in his painting, below, a first... read more