“For me a work of art must be an elevated interpretation of nature. The search for the ideal has been the purpose of my life. In landscape or seascape, I love above all the poetic motif.” ― William Adolphe Bouguereau


In 2005 James was delighted to be commissioned by Cunard to create four seascape works for their cruise liners. It was a subject new to the artist and a great challenge to move from his familiar Landscapes.


“The seascape commission for Cunard was a fantastic honor for me. After a number of family holidays in Cornwall and Scotland I’d become aware of the strange colours and surreal cloud formations created at Sea. This seemed to liberate the paint and the works ended up feeling like loose abstractions. The paint is liquid so it was a question of unlocking its inherrent potential to depict liquid. Although only a fragment, to the viewer, I wanted each image to suggest the power and movement of an unimaginable body of water”   James Naughton 2016