I’ve used many resources to plan and to fill the gaps in my knowledge about Moran, Yellowstone, the Tetons and Green River. Much of what I convey on this blog is as a result of others hard work and research, which I’d like to acknowledge here.

“Thomas Moran Artist of the Mountains” by Thurnham Wilkins published by University of Oklahoma Press, This details the life of Moran, with most chapters relaying a different geographical location of Moran’s work. Great Chapter on Yellowstone and Hayden.
“Thomas Moran Surveying the American West” By Joni Louise Kinsey, published -Smithsonian books , detailed guide to Moran’s work with interesting interpretations of elements in his paintings and great historical work on the Surveys.
“William Henry Jackson’s “The Pioneer Photographer” compiled, edited and annotated by Bob Blair. Museum of New Mexico press. A definitive tome on the life of W H Jackson.

Internet – A fantastic historiacl site about Wyoming with a great secrion on the Hayden Expedition, full of insight and personality and some great archive photographs. – A perfect introduction to the great Photographers life and work. A great piece on Moran’s attempts to paint the Grand Tetons, and his eventual use of remote sketches and Jackson photography to make composite paintings of the area. A brilliant introduction to the life of Moran with some great reproductions of his work and life, I used this site for the Yellowstone Canyon quotes.

The New York Historical Society – many thanks to Robert Delap for giving me permission to use the great archive photo of Moran and Jackson in the blog header.
The National Park Service- Yellowstone kindly answered my email request to use images from their website with some good advice on image use from the Internet.

“Yellowstone” documentary by the BBC, I’m sure this brilliant nature documentary rekindled my desire to visit Yellostone, it was first broadcast a few years ago and offers a seasonal guide to the nature in Yellowstone and fascinating explanations of the geological phenomena in the park,

Copyright Andrew Hodgson 2013

copyright Andrew Hodgson 2013