Chasing the Sky
We’ve just arrived at the first “base camp”, which is an apartment set amid the Teton Mountain range in Teton Village, a ski and sports resort near Jackson in Wyoming. Travel has strange contrasts, the overwhelming sense of wanting to get somewhere very quickly with modern transport but also knowing full well that it’s not the most natural thing to put your body through. It’s been exhausting but exciting too. imageWe touched down in Salt Lake City on Sunday night and stayed at a central hotel before picking up the RV(motor home) in the morning on Monday. I sensed that once we got on the road there was a tangible relief and exhilaration that came from finally seeing glimpses of what we’d been expecting, a stunning transition of contrasts in the landscape, deep russet rocks in Southern Wyoming gradually becoming vibrant greens of Plains and pines as we headed north into the mountains(Jackson altitude 6500ft). I’d had a niggling doubt in the back of my mind that I might not feel a connection to this new experience but my fears were soon cast aside. I couldn’t help but imagine Moran’s journey meandering on horseback with stage coaches, the incredible expanse of these vistas sparked my imagination, imbuing romantic notions of the past and despite faster modern travel, these vast open spaces still feel like a place where unfettered freedom reigns.

There should be some photos from leg of the trip on the blog tomorrow and more from the Tetons.