Fame and Names
imageHeading North from the Cathedral Group we decided to visit Mount Moran today.
It’s a reminder of how much affection was afforded to Moran that one of the Tetons still bears his name. It was Hayden who gave the painter this honour during a follow up to the 1871 expedition. However not all these names, which were initially given, stood the test of time, including a mountain Hayden named after himself.

The first photography of the Tetons by Henry Jackson in 1872.

The first photography of the Tetons by Henry Jackson in 1872.

After the ‘Cathedral Group’ it is the most prominent of the range with a character all it’s own and very distinctive large patches of snow which remain on the peak all year round.

'Mt Moran' Copyright Andrew Hodgson 2013

‘Mt Moran’ Copyright Andrew Hodgson 2013

I’ve mixed emotions leaving this beautiful area, it’s been a perfect introduction to the trip and all too short. I console myself that there are many reasons to bring about a hasty return in the future. Now the Yellowstone phase beckons and also the shift from comparative luxury of the apartment to the RV.
The wi-fi might be a little patchy up there but I’ll do my best to keep updating when the campgrounds are equipped and will keep a chronology to the diary, so posts may seem a day or two behind.
Yellowstone National Park here we come!