imageThis was the last painting I started, and by this point I wanted to feature a large piece in each different phase of the exhibition. It seemed a natural choice to gather the many sites of natural phenomena together in a “The Wonders of Yellowstone” section. It was the choice of this heading which gave me an idea to produce one definitive painting that could conjure an experience to warrant such a majestic title.

It’s perfectly fine to have such intentions but much of the work I had done on this particular theme had been restricted to smalls studies and many abstract studies. I look back now and think that these limits were a perfect preparation as I had no preconceived plan of what would happen, just a vague ambition.

"The Wonders Of Yellowstone" Oil 6ftx4ft

“The Wonders Of Yellowstone” Oil 6ftx4ft

This painting became an imagined view of the prismatic pool but at a slight elevation to allow a glimpse into the far distance and the perpetual activity of the earth’s surface being breached from below across a vast plain.

It was exhilarating to paint and I hope that this comes across in the work and its image reproduced here.