imageThis Time Last Year
The anniversary of the trip seemed like the perfect time to return to the blog to tie up all the loose ends. I can’t believe that it’s a full year since we were sat on the plane with all the anticipation of what might be. Looking at these pictures again(below) makes me feel happy knowing what was to follow and a little sad too as I’d just really love to be there again.

Much has happened since the exhibition started which I’ll summarise at a later date but for now I am going to return to the final period of the studio work. I always intended to come back and write about the paintings I made after moving on from the Canyon, with more studies of the natural phenomena of Yellowstone, the buffalo sketches and then finally onto the Green River work. I want to reach conclusions about the whole project and I’m sure I’ll be able to do this more clearly by filling in these gaps.

"Salt Lake to Jackson" Copyright Andrew Hodgson 2013

“Salt Lake to Jackson” Copyright Andrew Hodgson 2013