Action Man
I think I always knew there would be a time when the work would possibly take over and my attempts to catalogue it’s progress on the blog might become more difficult than I had assumed. When the work first began I was struck that my passing thoughts were so clear and relevant in terms of an insight into the project. As I shifted away from the Canyon work this clarity seemed to dissolve into a period where my reflections where either too fleeting to grasp, or subsumed in a more intense concentration, perhaps needed to complete the various works for the exhibition.
I hope that as the dust settles this last few months in the studio will begin to coalesce into a coherent understanding of what happened both to the printing experiments and the culmination of the paintings on very large panels, I will return to the studio diary to add these missing pieces of the jigsaw.

My studio is now as strangely empty as that first day of indecision so many weeks ago but there are faint echoes of what went on here, or as some call it, mess. I reluctantly begin the process of tidying up and reorganising ready for the time I start painting again. It’s good to know I’ve got to this stage but I’m sad at the feeling of finality this point always brings.
The exhibition preview is actually this week on Thursday night. 27th Feb. I have delivered all the framed works to the gallery and am readying myself for a final few days of preparation and all the last minute details. The good thing about these transitions is that the emptiness of the studio soon turns into the excitement of awaiting the point when other people will see the paintings in the Gallery.
In the meantime here are a few of the works that developed from this final period with more to follow soon and reflections from the preview.

'Geysers' Oil Study 20x15cm

‘Geysers’ Oil Study 20x15cm

'Fallen Trees' Oil on Panel 80x60cm

‘Fallen Trees’ Oil on Panel 80x60cm

'Green River Cliffs' Lithograph 30x23cm

‘Green River Cliffs’ Lithograph 30x23cm

'Mammoth Hot Springs' Oil on Board 20x15cm

‘Mammoth Hot Springs’ Oil on Board 20x15cm