imageA Big Night
Tonight is the preview for the exhibition and as the blog has been such an important part of this odyssey it feels right to gather my thoughts about what this means to me here. I will keep posting and hope to give a comprehensive communication of the final exhibition both for international readers and those in the UK who may struggle to get to Bolton. For now I would like to thank everyone for reading and please know that you have made this blog into a vital place to record my progress.

As the event has neared I’ve had a few moments to marvel at just how many people have contributed in some way to my arrival at this point. From my parents and brothers and extended family, quick to encourage my appetite for drawing. Onto fantastic teachers, lecturers, supportive friends and talented peers. The incredible achievements of other artists, musicians, film makers, writers, animators, poets have both inspired me and sparked a tiny pang of healthy envy when a inspirational work from them just feels like alchemy or perfection.
More recently, as I’ve shifted onto this project, the help of others has seemed to arrive at just the right time. It has made me realise that, although it was only me that could ever fulfil my dream, I’ve needed the imagination and care of others to actually make it happen.
When I set on this path I was entirely focused on everything positive that could happen as we all often do. Those positives have certainly been surpassed but there have also been sacrifices and the ones closest to me have had to shoulder the difficult periods with love and support for which I am sincerely grateful.

In my very first post I mentioned that it seemed a little silly to feel proud that Moran was born in my home town but I’ve discovered that this feeling was really about my affection the town, rather than his. In wanting to refocus attention on his wonderful painting I find myself in the very privileged position of possibly recreating a similar moment for another person in the future.

"Nearing Camp on the Upper Colorado River" Oil Painting by Thomas Moran Copyright Bolton Museum and Library Services.

“Nearing Camp on the Upper Colorado River” Oil Painting by Thomas Moran Copyright Bolton Museum and Library Services.

When I looked at Moran’s work I was connected to a man I’d never met a place I’d never been and all my childhood dreams of adventure and exploration. Although I’ve looked to this point as an end of sorts, when considering this, the transformative power of art, it now feels like just the beginning.

'Green River Evening' Oil 35x26cm

‘Green River Evening’ Oil 35x26cm